Air Hockey

A local multiplayer game where you control your player with your phone over a websocket connection. The game physics and graphics are run locally within the users desktop browser. As physics engine we use Box2d and the graphics are generated in a canvas.

Visit to play.

Happy gaming!

Kinect Flight

We wondered what it would be like to fly around in an 3D environment just using your arms so we built an app in Unity3D and connected it to Microsoft Kinect. This is the result:

Football game

A while ago, the Flash player improved immensely performance-wise by allowing it to render with the GPU. This advantage made more complex 3D libraries for Flash possible. One of the modern libraries utilising the Stage3D API is Away3D. Having only tried out PaperVision3D way earlier, I was excited to try out the new possibilities of Away3D. It’s open source, and has a physics simulation engine that’s easily hooked into a project. How about making a game to test the library out?